W46Y23 Weekly Review: BardAI, DoNotPay, and Legal Practice

+++ Google Sues Vietnamese Scammers Over BardAI Malware 
+++ AI-Powered Legal Service “DoNotPay” Wins Lawsuit Over Practice Without A License

Google Sues Vietnamese Scammers Over BardAI Malware 
Google is taking legal action against two groups of scammers. The first group spread malware by misleading users interested in Google’s generative AI tools. The second group abused the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to harm business competitors with fraudulent copyright notices. The lawsuits aim to stop these activities, set legal precedents, and raise awareness of the harm caused by fraudulent takedowns on small businesses. Google emphasizes its commitment to protecting users and promoting a safer internet through legal actions against scams and frauds.

Read the full press release on Google.
Read the case Google v. Does 1-3, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, No. 5:23-cv-05823-VKD

AI-Powered Legal Service “DoNotPay” Wins Lawsuit Over Practice Without A License
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by an Illinois law firm, MillerKing, against the artificial intelligence company DoNotPay. The law firm accused DoNotPay of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, but the judge ruled that MillerKing’s claims did not establish legal standing for the lawsuit. MillerKing had alleged that DoNotPay, which uses AI to assist consumers in legal matters, advertised and provided legal services without a proper license. The judge stated that MillerKing failed to show how it was harmed and allowed the law firm to amend its complaint. DoNotPay’s CEO expressed satisfaction with the decision, emphasizing the absence of concrete harm. Another lawsuit against DoNotPay, alleging unauthorized practice of law, is still pending.

Read the full report on Reuters.
Read the case MillerKing LLC v. DoNotPay Inc, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, No. 3:23-CV-00863

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