Welcome to Codifying Chaos

This publication is about founding a real estate startup during an economic downturn. Over the course of countless conversations with former colleagues, friends, and family I realized the need for documentation.

So, what does Codifying Chaos mean? It’s an expression I use to structure the unpredictable. It means a moment of reflection, orientation, organization, and execution. It’s similar to Boyd’s OODA loop. Starting a business is chaos. There are moments of extreme uncertainty, worries about cash flow, and ruthless reiteration of service and product.

Writing helps me to structure my thoughts. I already write about the books I read hereCodifying Chaos, therefore, is a method to structure my business decisions and (hopefully) to learn from my mistakes.

Lastly, the underlying startup of this publication is Cedar Bay Group. I will write more about corporate structure, processes, and procedures as the company continues to grow.

Founding a business is a journey of people. Allow me to get to know you better by sending an email to andy@cedarbaygroup.com or message me on Twitter.

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